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30-Day  Monitored Digital Ad

   30-Day Digital Ad Campaign Fee Services Overview:


  • Ad Strategy:
    Our company will complete a thorough strategic assessment of your company's products/services and will custom-engineer an ad to create a formula to spearhead the goals of the ad and reach your targeted customer. Our team will help you identify the best medium for your ad placement, whether that be on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media platform.


  • Ad Design:
    Our company will design the look and feel of the ad, keeping in alignment with your company's brand standards, and messaging.


  • Backend Ad Setup:
    Our company will review your website and or applicable social pages to ensure tracking tags and pixels are correctly installed so all ad traffic and responses can be accurately monitored.


  • REAL-TIME Ad Monitoring and Adjustment!
    Our digital ad managers have daily access to the backend data analytics as to how your ad is performing in REAL-TIME. During the 30-Day duration of your ad, with our expertise, we can redirect Google or social platforms such as Facebook to retarget other demographics or behaviors to ensure your ad is performing to its maximum capability, which will help ensure a successful ad campaign!

       The $999 fee also includes an ad performance report at the end of the campaign!


       **Ad Value Amount: TBD by the Client

        (100% of the ad value goes to Google or whichever social ad site placement the Client chooses.)

       TIP: We recommend at least a $500 ad value to reach customers. (The higher the ad value, the more potential customers you can reach).

Campaign Fee is $999

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Social Media Marketing Graphics

We understand that not every small business owner knows how to design attractive graphic images to effectively market their company. That's where we come in!
Give your Facebook, Twitter or other social media profile cover images a makeover with the right image and wording that best represents your product or service.

WEBSITE $99 v1 Facebook Cover Image Spec

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